Important Information for Bulk Filers

In 2017, the District of Columbia will offer taxpayers the ability to bulk file the FR900Q. All taxpayers must obtain a login ID on our new tax portal, in order to bulk file the FR900Q. The first bulk file will be due by April 30, 2017. More information regarding obtaining a login ID on will be available after officially launches in November 2016.

Please note the following when uploading files, as well as file statuses.

Upload File

Files must be created using a CSV or text (.txt) file format. Zip or compressed files will not be accepted. Each file contains 26 fields.

Files smaller than 24MB upload as CSV or text files (.txt).

Files 24MB or larger must be submitted as multiple FR-900Q submissions. Any files submitted that are 24MB or larger will be rejected.

Use a naming convention such as QTR12017.txt, QTR22017.txt. There are no restrictions on the naming convention.

File Status

ACCEPTED – File has passed all quality checks and an email will be sent to taxpayer that displays the word “pending.”

REJECTED – File did not pass quality checks. All errors will be displayed after hitting the submit button and front end validations occur. The file should be corrected and resubmitted for processing.

COMPLETED – Processed submissions denoting the bulk submission has been processed. There is no return level completion, just that the file was processed.

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