Coffee with Chief Financial Officer Jeff DeWitt


Chief Financial Officer Jeff DeWitt

This morning, Chief Financial Officer Jeff DeWitt met with members of the business community and tax practitioners to provide an overview of the new Withholding tax regulations and rollout of the portal launching in November.

In his opening remarks, Mr. DeWitt spoke about the significant investments in technology that OTR is making to benefit District taxpayers and improve customer service.

“As employees of the District of Columbia Government, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service,” said DeWitt. “If we only cared about collecting taxes, we would have no incentive to improve. We have to put our customers first. will better serve District employees, taxpayers and external stakeholders. As we move forward with this long-term effort, we are committed to improving the overall customer experience and service we provide to District businesses and taxpayers.”



In addition to Mr. DeWitt’s remarks, MITS Program Manager Thad Russell gave an overview of the MITS system; District Training Coordinator Kimberly Smith provided a walkthrough of; and Chief of Systems and Forms Sylvia Magby gave an in-depth overview of the changes for Withholding taxes.

The attendees were excited about the changes and provided feedback on how OTR can continue to improve its system and processes to make their jobs easier.

In October, OTR will continue its efforts to brief its employees and external customers through a series of town hall meetings, webinars, tutorials and a host of promotional materials.

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