eTSC Users Must Sign Up to Use officially launches in November and the implementation of the new portal will require some changes for taxpayers who currently have an Electronic Taxpayer Service Center (eTSC) account.

For taxpayers with an eTSC login, you will be unable to transfer your login credentials to Once the portal is live, you will need to sign up for a username and password to benefit from the full range of services.

Additionally, all previous account history information stored on eTSC will not be transferred to  So, you will also need to sign up to use to file and pay Withholding tax returns.

If you’re a Payroll provider, accountant, or CPA you can only be granted access to your client’s account after completing a third party request that will be verified by the employer/individual/entity for whom you are requesting account access.

You will continue to use eTSC for the following tax services that will not be available within

  • Personal Property Tax
  • Sales and Use Annual
  • Sales and Use
  • Sales and Use Monthly
  • Sales and Use Quarterly
  • Specialized Sales Tax
  • Street and Mobile Food Services Vendor Minimum Sales Tax
  • Motor Fuel
  • Ballpark Fee
  • Nursing Facility
  • Stevie Sellows ICF/IID
  • Medicaid Hospital Inpatient Fee
  • Medicaid Hospital Outpatient Supplemental Payment
  • Real Property Tax

Stay tuned for tutorials on how to sign up/register for and other important information as we get closer to launch.

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