OTR Launches New E-Services Unit to Assist with MyTax.DC.gov Inquiries

The Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) will launch a new e-Services unit beginning November 1. This new unit will be housed within the Customer Service Administration and is responsible for addressing and resolving inquiries received via the new tax portal, MyTax.DC.gov. Customer service representatives in this unit will also assist taxpayers in creating and managing their online accounts, navigating the site, and resolving any tax-related issues.

“We are excited about the convenience our new unit will offer our taxpayers,” said Eva Liggins, Director of OTR’s Customer Service Administration. “This unit will make our services more accessible, allow us to build better relationships with our customers, and let us share information more easily.”

Taxpayers can contact customer service representatives Monday through Friday, from 8:15am to 5:30pm, by utilizing the web message feature available in MyTax.DC.gov. They may also call (202) 727-4TAX (4829) and select the e-Services menu option, or via e-mail at e-services.otr@dc.gov.

OTR is committed to providing the support taxpayers need to meet their tax obligations.


Below are some of the features of MyTax.DC.gov:

Send and receive secure e-messages with attachments

Corresponding with OTR is about to get easier. Send secure, direct messages, including attachments – no call wait times, no voicemails.

View and print OTR letters and notices

No more waiting for a copy of an earlier notice or letter to be sent. Taxpayers can pull up their account to see the communications and print necessary files.

Assign third party access electronically

Assigning access to a third party such as a CPA or other tax preparer just got easier. Taxpayers can electronically assign, approve, and give customized access through a secure and streamlined platform.

 Schedule Payments

Never be late paying taxes. Taxpayers can schedule their payments up to one year in advance.

Please stay tuned for more information as we move closer to our launch date!

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