Important Reminder: SSNs Will No Longer Be Accepted To Access Your Withholding Accounts

Below is an important reminder for businesses/employers who will make Withholding payments in November in

In order to make the process smoother for businesses/employers with the implementation of, debuting in November 2016, OTR will require registering with the IRS for a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) just as an employer must do to have a federal withholding tax account.

Businesses/employers who currently use their (Social Security Number) SSN to access their withholding accounts on eTSC will need to have their FEIN beginning November 2016.

To register with the IRS for an FEIN please go to the following link,

Please note: If you have an Electronic Taxpayer Service Center (eTSC) login, you will be unable to transfer your login credentials to Once the portal is live, you will need to sign up for a username and password to benefit from the full range of services.

Additionally, all previous account history information stored on eTSC will not be transferred to  So, you will also need to sign up to use to file and pay Withholding tax returns.

Quick Links: FAQs

OTR Twitter Page – @DC_OTR

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