How to File a Withholding Tax Return

Today, November 21, 2016, marks the due date for October 2016 withholding payments. Because withholding tax returns can no longer be filed through the Electronic Taxpayer Service Center (eTSC) please be sure to sign up for an account with to view, file, and pay your taxes.

Once you have signed up for an account and received confirmation, please click here to view or download the Withholding Tax Return User Guide, a step-by-step tutorial to filing your withholding tax return. 

Stay tuned to the blog for more resources to help you navigate the features and benefits of

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2 Responses to How to File a Withholding Tax Return

  1. Jerri Langer says:

    We noted when reading the Withholding Tax Return Guide that there is a place to elect to file a quarterly non-payroll return. We found this confusing since in all other information you have published it generally says that only the new FR-900NP will be required for 2016 due in 2017 and it will contain monthly totals (following federal Form 945 requirements that do not require any filings throughout the year apart from the making of EFT deposits). We thought Quarterly or any other filings apart from the FR-900NP were not necessary for 2017. We understand that for 2016 the FR-900B and FR-900A are still required so is the new system accommodating the 2016 and will be changed for 2017? Can you explain the plans? Help is appreciated.

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