OTR Revokes Sales Tax Certificate of Fast Gourmet

Yesterday, the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) revoked the sales and use tax certificate of urban eatery Fast Gourmet located at 1400 W Street, NW. Failure to pay an obligation amounting to more than $330,000 of sales tax collected from patrons and withholding tax collected from employees has cost Fast Gourmet ownership, DC Gourmet LLC, its ability to conduct lawful transactions in the District.

fast-gourmetOTR made numerous attempts to collect the outstanding taxes from DC Gourmet LLC without success. After the owners breached multiple payment arrangements and failed to respond to consequent collection notices, OTR was forced to revoke their sales tax certificate.

This action is part of an ongoing investigation of businesses that are not remitting sales and/or withholding taxes collected. Additional enforcement measures such as liens, seizures, bank levies, and further tax certificate revocations will be taken against businesses that fail to comply with the tax laws of the District of Columbia.

OTR urges businesses that are not in compliance to immediately pay any liability due or to contact the Collection Division at (202) 724-5045 to arrange a payment plan.

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