Do You Qualify for the DC Earned Income Tax Credit?

With eight days left until the April 18 deadline to file the District of Columbia individual income tax return, the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) reminds District residents of the DC EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit).

According to the DC EITC Campaign, approximately 50,000 District residents claim the federal EITC each year, channeling more than $90 million in federal funds into the local community. Additionally, approximately, 43,600 of these taxpayers claim another $30 million through DC EITC refunds. However, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute estimates that there are still approximately 7,000-11,000 District residents who are eligible to claim the EITC, but may not be claiming the federal or local credit. Additionally, 3,600 District residents claim the federal EITC, but not the DC EITC. Many District residents become eligible to claim the EITC each year due to changes in income, marital status, and household members.

By claiming the federal EITC, District taxpayers can claim up to 40 percent of the DC EITC. To find out more information about the DC EITC, the CAAB (Capital Area Asset Builders) in collaboration with Community Tax Aid (CTA), and the Central American Resources Center (CARECEN) educate taxpayers about the EITC through the DC EITC Campaign. Visit the DC EITC Campaign’s website at to learn specifics on qualifying for the DC EITC, as well as information on other financial workshops, and tax assistance.

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