OTR Hosts Local Business Community Stakeholders

On Tuesday, May 16, the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) hosted about 25 members of the local business community in a brief forum to discuss what’s in store for business taxation in the District.

As OTR strives for accountability and transparency, it’s important that we include our business taxpayers in the processes surrounding the implementation of the Modernized Integrated Tax System (MITS) and solicit their feedback along the way.

Business Focus Group1.PNG

MITS Program Manager, Thaddeus Russell, presented the policy and regulatory review as well as the compliance consideration and timeline for changes to many sales and use tax filing procedures, special event registrations, exemptions and more.

Additionally, the group was able to view proposed new features and updates within the MyTax.DC.gov portal:

  • 3rd Party Enhancements
  • Sales and Use Return Filing and Payment
  • Sales Tax Refund Request — FP331
  • Special Event Registration — FR500B
  • Exemption to File — FR164
  • Standard Payment Plans
  • Mobile Responsive Design

Please continue to look to the OTR blog for more on focus group opportunities, user guides, and general taxation information.

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