OTR Launches New Online Payment Agreement Application

The Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) announced today that it is offering individual and business taxpayers the ability to apply for a payment agreement online to pay off tax debt owed to the District. The Online Payment Agreement is an internet application available on OTR’s portal, MyTax.DC.gov.

“This new tool is part of OTR’s commitment to improve and expand taxpayer services by providing additional online taxpayer options,” said Keith Richardson, deputy chief financial officer for the Office of Tax and Revenue. “This new process allows taxpayers or their authorized tax representatives a simple and convenient way to establish payment agreements while eliminating the need for paper forms, calls, and personal interaction with the OTR.” 

To be eligible for an online payment agreement, taxpayers must meet the following requirements:

  • Pay the full amount of the tax liability within 24 months
  • File all required tax returns not included in the payment agreement
  • Have not cancelled previous payment agreements
  • Does not have a business tax debt that exceeds $50,000

An online payment agreement allows taxpayers to pay any remaining balance due in monthly automatic ACH debit withdrawals from their checking or savings accounts. The OTR does not charge a fee for setting up the online agreement.

For additional information, please refer to the Payment Agreement User Guide/Tutorial,   the Payment Agreement Frequently Asked Questions, or call OTR’s Collections Division at (202) 724-5045.

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