Paperless Option Will Be Available in Starting November

One of the many benefits of is the option to go paperless. Beginning in November, the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) will enable this feature that will allow taxpayers to access notices, letters and other communications via

By opting to go paperless, taxpayers will receive correspondence from OTR quicker than by mail. They will have 24/7 access to all correspondence stored electronically within  Additionally, taxpayers who opt-in to receive their notices electronically, will receive an email notification alerting them when there is a new notice available to view in their account.

The OTR will continue to mail notices that are mandated by law, even if taxpayers elect to receive paperless correspondence. Taxpayers can opt out of the paperless subscription at any time, which will result in receiving all paper notices via U.S. postal mail.

Stay tuned to the OTR blog for new updates and additional information.

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3 Responses to Paperless Option Will Be Available in Starting November

  1. Jack Mckay says:

    Well, this is awkward. I need to change my e-mail address, because is being shut down. But when I try to log into MyTaxDC, it insists on sending an “authentication e-mail” to my address. That, however, is not working well, and nothing shows up here (an AOL mailbox coupled to the vanishing e-mail address). How do I get you to update my e-mail addres? It’s now .


  2. This change will definitely make the taxpayer check their tax contributions easily. Instead of requesting and waiting for a copy (might took for a few days or even WEEKS!!!), we can easily access it online. This new service will definitely be convenient to us.


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