OTR Shuts Down Multiple District Five Guys Restaurants for Failure to Pay Sales and Use Taxes Collected From Patrons

Today, the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) revoked the sales and use tax certificates of three Five Guys restaurants. The owners failed to pay the District $530,939 in sales taxes collected from its patrons.

Revocation of the sales tax certificates prohibits the following restaurants from making retail sales – selling of food and beverages:

  • 1400 I Street, NW
  • 1300 2nd Street, NE
  • 470 L’Enfant Plaza East, SW

OTR made numerous attempts to collect the outstanding taxes from the establishments without success. When the owners failed to respond to multiple collection notices, OTR was forced to revoke their sales tax certificates.

This action is part of an ongoing investigation of businesses that are not remitting sales taxes collected. Additional collection actions, such as seizures, bank levies and additional sales tax certificate revocations are planned for businesses that are not in tax compliance.

OTR encourages businesses that are not in compliance to file missing returns immediately, pay any liability due or arrange a payment plan. This can be done at OTR’s tax portal, MyTax.DC.gov.

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